Hi! My name is Chloe and I’m in Vianna’s reading room in Idaho and I just wanted to share a testimonial with the world and explain a little bit of my story and my personal experience with ThetaHealing. I came to Theta Healing a year ago.

I required a really serious brain surgery seven years ago which was after I fell down the stairs, and there’s a pressed-blocked vessel in my brain, swelling of the brain and then I went into a coma. When I came out from the coma, I was paralyzed at one side of my body. I lost 90% of my brain; my vision was affected, my speech was affected, and to cut a long story short, I had to learn how to do everything like to talk again; I had to learn read, write, grow up, and I was very ill. I suffered chronic fatigue, chronic pain, nerve damage, lost of sensation in half of my body; I had a paralyzed core and I had stiffness.

The prospect of me getting better was pretty small. But I was really determined and I’ve tried many different healing modalities, it all worked really well. However, I was still suffering with pain and fatigue, exhaustion and wasn’t able to have a full day. And then, I found ThetaHealing and I went to do my basic and advance training. I found an instant healing, it removed my chronic fatigue, chronic pain and my nerve damage which has been limiting me for such a long time. I had a very broken soul and it healed that. I feel that being at this present is a dark night, the soul where I’d been spiritually waking up but I don’t feel connected from life in the world. Theta Healing gave me the feeling and sense of being alive again. It helped me on so many levels.

I met Vianna, 6 months later and she started doing healing with my brain and she gave me full sensation back at the left side of my body which I haven’t achieved and then she started reversing my brain damage which was a very interesting experience. I couldn’t say it was an easy one but I started to get better concentration, better memory, and better focus.

ThetaHealing has made me connect with myself, enabled me to overcome the impossible. Other things are processed depending on your beliefs, feelings and it enables you to actually find an option. Theta Healing helps you find a way out of your illness, out of pain, out of the damaged things, and unexplainable-impossible to change in the medical profession.

Now, I think medical profession is amazing, it saved my life, it supported me and it has so many different things it could help you but when I found Theta Healing it is one of those things that has rounded everything I’ve known. It can change everything. It worked with ancient medicines and there’s no right or wrong way but it just gives you an option. It gives you connection to Source – God, Creator or whatever you wanted to call Him. It gives you that pure connection and enables you to feel different. It has helped me changed beliefs and identify things in my life that I have no idea they were even there. It has allowed me to rebuild my brain, it has allowed me to rebuild my life, it has enabled me to feel human, it has enabled me to get joy back in my life and enabled to find my creativity, find my passion, find my focus – many wonderful things.

I’ve seen not just with myself or my experience, I’ve also experienced people overcome severe illnesses or burns, pains being fixed straight away and even on emotional level – people coming out of depression, people coming out of illusions. It helps you kind of see the broader perspective in life. Now, if you were searching for something and felt you’ve lost yourself somewhere along the line or you feel like you want to change this belief and you just don’t know how, Theta Healing is really something I would recommend to you. It will enable you to heal yourself, help others and it’s not you doing it, you are just merely an observer.

I found Vianna as an amazing good example and she is a genuine person. She really enabled, helped and given me this opportunity to be here and grow. I really would like to be able to spread the knowledge and I hoped that the world is able to witness because this healing modality is what people are missing out on their lives and it helps you find the part of yourself that is missing.


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