I heard about ThetaHealing through an acupuncturist who turned me into it. I was working with her to quit smoking and to work on my diabetes. I heard about Vianna studying about medicine in California and I had a session with her over the phone and that first session was absolutely life changing. It pulled out a lot of emotions that I didn’t even realize I was facing. I have depression and many other things that I’ve just worked into my youth.

I was quite young at the time and it inspired me so much that I decided at that point to become a Theta Healer and then I’ve become a teacher. When I’ve started to practice, a lot manifested in my life – my relationship with friends got better to an entire practice. I’ve been working with people, seeing people, healing from cancer, diabetes, and so many different things. I enjoyed the technique so much and everyday it has been changing my life. I continue to work on my own life and my own things.

The most significant that changed in my life is that I’ve always love spirituality and always have the fascination with religions and it has really helped me reconnect to that idea of being connected to the energy of All That Is. It is to infuse my spirituality into my daily life and into my relationships which really give a sense of purpose and direction; connection in this world that really helped in getting through life changes of all sorts and I owe a lot to Theta Healing.

I have completely changed from being a surfer in California – hanging out on the beaches all the time without any direction to having a full Theta Healing practice – being based in New York and California and having a chance of meeting people of every culture, race and working with people all over the world. I now get to just watch them transform and change their lives every time I get to work with them.

– Eric Brumetts

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