ThetaHealing Is Not A Cult
Find out what ThetaHealing is by hearing from the founder Vianna Stibal.

Hi! My name is Vianna Stibal. I am the founder of Theta Healing. I hope ThetaHealing reaches you and your life as soon as it reaches the lives of thousands others. Theta Healing is a modality that uses focus on prayer.

ThetaHealers believe that we are tapping to a data brain wave: A brain wave that you receive or give when you are dreaming or in dream state.  It opens the brain into many different things; problem solving abilities are manageable with these brain waves.  As ThetaHealers, we believe that we are tapping into God wave in this simple modality. We have used it to change the way we think, the way we are; to re-program our lives in such a way that we become better people and better human beings.

I believe Thetahealing allowed people to realize that we are connected to the creator, that we are connected to ONE energy, and that we are all part of one beautiful energy of the Creator and we are sparks of God.  Using the ThetaHealing modality may change your life forever. It doesn’t matter what religion you are with, as long as you believe that you are connected to a creative energy of All That Is. That means you can be with any religion and we ask you to bring your faith and your religion to use this modality.

Theta Healing is not an anti-doctor, in fact we teach many medical doctor to use this technique. Part of the technique is how to scan your own body and others to see any problems in the body; and the other part of the technique is going up and asking the Creator to do the healing.  We don’t believe that we are healers ourselves but we are allowed to witness the changes from the Creator of all that is. Because we believe that we are sparks of God, the most important part of our technique is to allow you to realize that you are really connected to a creative force, something creative and strong that is present in every cell, every person, and every breath of life that we take.

ThetaHealing has been used in many ways, one way that we have learned to use it and that we have become famous for is the belief work. As ThetaHealers, we believe that we can change the subconscious programs, change genetic programs, and also another level called history programs all at once. As well as a soul program. That we can help you reprogram yourself for success and enlightenment and overall to be a better person!

Theta Healing can be learned from the book and it can be learned from both books. If you really want to become a practitioner, it is better that you take an actual class. An actual person for you to practice with, our teachers are well trained and they are mostly, 97.3% of them are fantastic people. Therefore when you look at our website, you need to look at their picture; get the feeling of the person that you are picking to be your teacher; make sure that you feel really comfortable with your fated teacher so that you can learn all that you can about Thetahealing. Remember, Theta healing offers lots and lots of classes so that you can always keep growing and learning. This is a growing modality, we grow and we learn all the time.

Overall, all Thetahealing classes are designed to help you become more psychic, more intuitive, connected completely with the Creator of all that is and to realize its importance. Theta healing classes are set up so that we all realize that we are sparks of God and we live our life as if we are living it in an open book. This is for us to become better human beings – better people, so we can focus our thoughts and focus on prayers.

Theta healing is responsible for many spontaneous healings.   Healings with me and many others. Over the years I have used Thetahealing for many things, I’m not saying that all Thetahealers should be healthy. I’m telling you that all Theta healers are incredible beings that are working to achieve better health and a better state of mind. I’m also telling you that Thetahealing helped me in many circumstances that happened in my life.

Theta Healing is an amazing modality; it is a modality that allows you to learn that you are part of God. We believe that we are working on the soul, mental, physical, spiritual level and the main objective of Thetahealing is teaching you that you are connected to the creator.  ThetaHealing also explains to you how the universe works, how we are connected to ONE energy of all that is, and how it is our birth right to connect with it.  It doesn’t matter what religion you are with, or what modality you use – you can always use Thetahealing.

At the ThetaHealing Institute of Knowledge, we have exclusively trained people from all over the world.  We have trained many medical doctors and people with very high professional careers as well as little mommies that take care of their children. Every one of the people that we train knows that we are connected to the Creator Of All That Is. You will reach a high percentage of people who believe in Theta healing with all their heart, people that can stand and are not afraid to say that we believe in the Creator, for in the end, this is what really matters: That we believe we are part of something, something that’s really extra ordinary, that we really are part of God.

So if you get a chance and encounter ThetaHealing see if it’s right for you.


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