ThetaHealing to me is totally amazing. I came to Theta Healing purely by accident. A friend was telling me about ThetaHealing and at the time I was doing Angel Healing. I thought why I need to know any new modality. We got to open the website of Theta Healing and I was reading about Vianna and I saw her on it at a course called rainbow children’s teachers’ workshop.

Well it just so happen that rainbows is what I am passionate about, the children I am also passionate about them and I have always wanted to be a teacher. And being with 6 children, it wasn’t an option. I feel that I need it; I want it and will attend the teachers’ workshop. I looked at the site and the first one is either Australia or New Zealand and I live in England. I thought I am going and I am going to study that coming Friday. I found a beautiful lady named Nancy Kate and I tried to negotiate there that I could go to rainbow teachers’ workshop if I have the criteria where I had to do the basic and advanced. I was recommended to do the basic and advanced first which I did and I am so glad I did.

ThetaHealing to me is being life changing; it has empowered me to be who I am; I have now the privilege to call myself advanced and basic Theta Healer and I loved, honored, and privileged to witness the changes in the people that come to me as clients or students. If you haven’t experience Theta Healing, it is pure unconditional love from the Creator of All That Is and it is founded by such a beautiful lady called Vianna. If you can take the courses with Vianna, go do it. She is what we call freaking amazing. Go and enjoy her wonderful and beautiful company.

Learn Theta Healing – you’ll heal yourself, you will be empowered to go follow your dreams and you’ll feel just unconditional love surrounds you – within you every single moment of your life and it’s beautiful. Highly recommended.

– Angela Kays

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