Hi I am Sally from Idaho Falls, Idaho. I am here to tell you how Vianna and thetahealing saved my life. Last summer of 2001, I was diagnosed with malignant melanoma and that summer I went down to Salt Lake to have it removed. It was on my scalp.

After that surgery my oncologist said I will start my interferon tomorrow and I said, no I am not doing it because I read the brochure about it and it’s a standard for melanoma but it also described it as take the worst blow in your whole life where you almost wish you could die take that as a size of a pea. The effect of interferon on you is going to be the size of a basketball. I was given 2-3 months to live.

A friend of ours who lives in Las Vegas who used to work for my husband in Idaho Falls, he called and said he was sorry that I have a very short time to live. Then he asked if have we ever heard of Vianna [theta healing] and we hadn’t – Natures path. All we had was living here so we haven’t heard anything – good or bad. We just didn’t know about it. Anyway, she said Vianna’s booked 2-3 months in advance but she does have some emergency appointments open. So, my husband went down to the place, Nature’s Path and got me an emergency appointment on a Saturday morning.

We went in and she took us back to the room, and she [Vianna Stibal] asked me “why are you here?” I said, I have brain lesions and I want to live. She took my finger tips and she said, “Okay. Let’s go and take a look at those puppies.” She had her eyes closed and I looked at my husband, is she a cult? ThenVianna spoke, there they are and she counted them 11. She opened her eyes and she said I know MRI showed 8 but you have 3 more lesions that are just under the MRI level for picking up. She asked me, do you want me to get rid of them? Of course I said yes. She took my fingers again and closed her eyes – 10 or 12 seconds later she said they’re gone. The lesions are gone.

When is your next MRI? I told her, in mid-November probably and that was September. I went in and had the MRI  and CT’s, MRI of my brain showed no lesions. 9 years since I had malignant melanoma and its 8 ½ years since I had breast cancer; I am doing good, thanks to Vianna. And I also have medical documentation to prove everything I said to you.

I brought my medical documentation to show you. Series of MRI reports were shown that the lesions were gone – All of them and none of them have come back.


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