Back in 1995, I was going through a transition within my life and this amazing lady Vianna came into my life. She looked at the girl back me and told her that she was pregnant. She looked at me and she told me what was going on with my life and I was working at a little petty place – mall and it was “The Boot Ranch”. At that point in time, I decided that I wanted to go see Vianna.

She did an absolutely amazing job of reading me. She told me everything about my life – went clear back when I was 16. It was really transforming for me because for 2 years previous to that, I did nothing but cry. When I met Vianna, I stopped crying and I realized that I was going to be okay.

I was driving around with my daughter and I hear, you need to go see Vianna. She doesn’t want to see me – she’s busy. And I heard: No. You need to go now. Then, it was like the car have a mind of its own and I ended at along the Snake River in front of her office.

I went it and she was really having a hard time walking and she says: I need to go to the hospital and I need to go to the doctor. My daughter and I took her in into our car and took her at the little emergency care. It was there that she actually received her first diagnosis that she has cancer. It was really a shock for us to see. She went to the bone doctor and then she ended up going to UT.

Our children run and play together and I am one of the first people who found out about the diagnosis she have received. I remember her, she was on crutches and she couldn’t walk. She was told that she took and put any weight on the leg where the doctor’s have done biopsy on it – if she put any weight on that leg, it would break. At that particular point in time, cancer affects pretty much the entire body; I remember watching her from the top floor of our apartment and she was across the bottom – she was going out every morning to go to work because she had to take care of her children.

In fact, I remember that there some friends who have gone to the same luck and I remember the very first healing that she did. After that, she actually healed her leg and then we took – we started with electrosectrograph and being able to see the people who really going in to Theta. From the very beginning classes, I was within the ThetaHealing and I followed it all the way through. I was in the very first teachers, whenever we took clients we said okay. Let’s take and teach the teachers.

This beautiful technique when the Creator into each people actually able to take and to heal themselves. We watched it with Vianna and in her leg. Her leg instantly grew. It was absolutely amazing to take and to watch – to watch the healing  [ Theta Healing ]. I’ve seen Vianna sick and then I saw her well. In fact, we got a call from Bobby and she said: you’re not going to believe it! You’re not going to believe it! My mom healed her leg. My mom healed her leg! Of course, at that time, Rachel and I we’re flying down the stairs to see her.

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