My name is Lynda Chaikin and I had the pleasure of being a Theta Healer for four years professionally and a Theta Healing instructor for 2 years.

I discovered Theta Healing when it saved my life 7 years ago. Both of my grandmothers had been diagnosed with genetic depression, genetic anxiety, and had institutionalization and shock treatment at around the age I was 7 years ago. By that time, I already spent 12 out of 14 years on psychiatric medication. I had already found that 12 different protocols failed. Each one at about a year and I had been using a supplement regimen in an attempt to be able to stay off my medication for two years, I did succeed in going through of 18 months of withdrawal of my medications. 6 months later I suddenly realized that I was depressed again.

Ever since I was 5, I’ve struggled with depression up until 7 years ago with ThetaHealing and since I was 11, I was struggling with suicidal depression, and it was progressively getting worst. So, by the time I was 49 I’ve had about enough.

It was February and I knew I was turning 50 on Oct 1 and I wrote a letter to God that one morning in February. My letter says, “I’m not willing to turn 50 like this. I’m not willing to stay alive for my loved ones anymore and I’m not willing to go back on medications because they don’t work. I’m not willing to have an electroshock therapy like my grandmothers did.” People were recommending electroshock therapy since the medications didn’t work. I said: “What are we going to do about this?” That was my letter to God and I signed it.

Then, I got up to have breakfast, turned up the radio and a Theta Healer was being interviewed. A few minutes at my breakfast table, I realized, she’s talking about my situation. She’s just describing it to a tea; the genetic depression, genetic anxiety and how people will use addictions and especially sugar. I had a sugar addiction that I could not even manage with anything.

I called her up since the interview was over and she worked on me. My first session, she was from Colorado, which is by phone and I’m in Sta. Cruz; In my first session, she healed genetic depression and she healed genetic anxiety, balance my neuro transmitters over the phone and I will tell you, 7 years later that I was right and reigned ever since and I’m really grateful for it.

I was still impressed with how fast it worked and how well it worked after so many modalities were not able to touch this suicidal depression that I decided that I wanted to become Theta Healer and be able to pass this healing on. I have half a dozen people in my practice. I really do need to count or find out exactly how many by now; those who would come of psychiatric medications of course with supervision of their doctors.

The really wonderful thing is that I’ve been able to teach people how to do this. I’ve become a ThetaHealing instructor and now I have students who knows how do this as well.

I am so grateful to Vianna Stibal for having the courage, devotion and dedication in developing this method of healing; For stepping up and teaching it to other people and for going a step further and creating other people who can teach it. I’m dearly grateful to her and I know I owe her and ThetaHealing my life.

Beyond saving my life, Theta Healing has given me a life that I enjoyed living. It has allowed me to thrive not just survive. It is so deeply rewarding and satisfying to be able to witness, facilitate healings to other people and to witness all kinds of maladies. It heals very promptly in so many cases. For mental health issues, where people struggle so many years just to get better and with ThetaHealing they get better so quickly.

I’m delighted and thank you for the opportunity to tell my story.

-Lynda Chaikins

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