H! I’m Paloma and I’m from Mexico. I’m doing ThetaHealingsince about 4 years and I have a great testimonial.

My mother in law had her veins clogged, her fingers started to turn green. The doctor gave her 15 days of life that was 1 month ago. They told us that there was nothing else to do. When we bring her to the hospital, they will cut her hands because they could not get her into surgery since she is 85 years old and her heart would not stand the surgery.

The doctor said that there was nothing else they could do. They only gave her some medicine and we started to say good bye because the doctors said that she only has 15 days left to live and that it was going to be very painful.

My husband and I, started to work on her. We work with her everyday and we asked for Theta Healing. It was really impressive because the finger started to change in color. She already had 3 fingers which turned to color green and her hand was really big.

In one week, the response was really miraculous because there was no gangrene any more. The pain stopped on the second day, and one week later when the doctor came to see her he said that she was out of danger. Doctor also said that she was 80% better than it was one week before. This was one month ago and now she is OK. The hand is quite perfect. Thank you!

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