Hi! I’m Dawn. I was first introduced to Theta Healing last year through an introduction night where I first learned about it. I have never heard about it before and ThetaHealing immediately resonated with me so I started studying it.

I was just supposed to study it for fun until in November, I got laid off. I felt Creator was just pushing me into doing this permanently – full time. I took the plunge and in March I begun doing it professionally. Since then, I cannot tell you how many life changing beliefs and changes that happened to me personally as well as with the client’s that I’ve worked with. I have some people that have taken off from taking medication, just profound life changes. It is a really good stuff.

For me, I used to have a really strong fear of heights. Whereas if I were just anywhere close to be in somewhere high, I would actually nauseous and feel that I was actually going to be pulled over – get dizziness. I experienced this recently when I went into Joe Austin concert and I was in what they called, “nosebleed section”. I had no problem getting up there but once I turned around and I look down, I was paralyzed with fear.

I was able to get into a Theta state right then and there, and it was just transforming because even in the state I was having a difficult time in concentrating on it but once I pulled out of it and made the shifts, within 20 minutes I was standing up and dancing. It was just amazing! I haven’t had any problems with height anymore. In fact, I’ll go to 25th floor of a hotel looking over it with no problem – not feeling vertigo, not feeling that sensation of being pulled over.

I just wanted to say thank you to Vianna for Theta Healing modality and I’m so excited to be here. I just graduated as an instructor, I’m at teachers training and I am so excited to teach the world ThetaHealing.

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