I’ve seen some incredible changes in my own life and in clients’ lives that I’ve worked with in ThetaHealing. I heard about because I was really kind of at my wits end. I’ve been through a huge amount of trauma in my life what I experienced was: doing years of therapy, years of 12 steps programs.

Even though my life had changed to an acceptable manner I still struggle with a lot of pain. A friend of mine gave me a gift and told me: “Here’s a Theta Healing book, read this. This is for you.” After that, I read it and then I knew that this is going to make a big difference in the world so I started practicing.

The more practice, the more changes I saw in my life. I hope again, I was feeling happy and the trauma was released in my life as I experience more Theta Healing sessions. I saw that I was opening up, the isolation was leaving and I also started working on it with my sister.

I started practicing ThetaHealing with my sister and she has multiple personality disorder – she has been on the streets and I want hers shift too. The more baby in the wombs I do with with her, the more shifting she’s doing and I believe that Theta Healing is going to change multiple personalities disorder completely and people on the streets can absolutely change their lives.

Those people that have had trauma in their life can live trauma free and without all of the results of this. It is done for me and I know it can be done for other people. Thank you!

-Theresa Smyth

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