Hi! My name is Christina. The first time that I heard about Theta Healing was because I prayed to God to help me in the difficult moment of my life and I found out ThetaHealing thru the internet.

Since then, I took many classes with Vianna Stibal and I just finished this class about intuitive anatomy. I can say that it is the best class that I ever took in my life.

ThetaHealing has really changed my life. I was a different person 3 years ago. Then I met Vianna for the first time. I kept growing with every class that I take. In every class, it is a different experience but I think that really the core of Theta Healing is the intuitive anatomy class.

I’m so happy and so blessed that I have done this class. Vianna is an amazing person. She knows that she has helped so many people to really shine and do their best.

I think that everybody should do this class as a gift for themselves; see firsthand how this class can help them to change their lives deeply and heal deep – really fast.

What I really wanted to say is just follow your heart and your heart will bring you to God. In ThetaHealing, definitely there is God and you can feel Him.

– Christina Valacchis

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