Hello my name is Leisa, I’m from Australia and here I am at Idaho Falls just having completed the DNA 3 class which was fantastic. I originally came across Theta Healing, a couple of years ago around 2006.

I’ve actually had a long term illness. I contracted a virus in Japan and so did a friend of mine. We both caught the virus at the same time and the result of that is a chronic fatigue syndrome. We were bed ridden for nearly 6 years. Unfortunately, my friend is still unwell however for me, with ThetaHealing and other forms of healing I’m now completely recovered which is a miracle. I was told by a specialist that I saw, that I would never recover beyond the point that I had within you know, 2 years. Back then, I was able to move around my house a little bit but I couldn’t drive, couldn’t shop, and I could barely cook for myself. When I was first ill, I was unable to really move my hand of the bed – I was so sick.

I found out about Theta Healing when I was under Crystal White Bed and one of the surgeons from Brazil came in and spoke to me, “Lisa you are going to study a run DNA and you are going to use it to heal yourself, then you are going to teach it worldwide.”

I had no idea what that was at that particular time. So after my life in bed session, I got on to Google and found out that – that’s what Vianna used to call ThetaHealing. And there just happen to be a course available near my house in Brisbane, Australia that weekend and I did my first course. The following weekend, I did another course. At the end of those 2 weekends doing the basic course and the advance DNA course, I went from being completely bedridden; barely being able to move my arms off my bed to being out to drive – for the first time in 2 years. My oneness kinda plateau for awhile and then I went down to the Goldcoast and saw Vianna when she was teaching the teachers courses in DNA 1 ThetaHealing.

Every time I did a course, my health increases and it got better and better. Until here I am today, completely recovered from an illness that I thought I would never recover from and the medical profession thought I would never recover from. So it is a complete miracle for me. As I said, unfortunately my friend who had the same virus who collapsed in the heat same time I did, she’s still unwell and hoping one day she will open her heart to Theta Healing and change her life forever.

Not only has ThetaHealing helped me with my illness, Theta Healing has changed all aspects of my life. I’m really a completely different person now to who I was before I started ThetaHealing.

I used to be a teacher, I used to be an academic and now my predominant focus is working with ThetaHealing and other healing modalities. I live a very intuitive life. I just wanted to thank Vianna and everyone here, I thank you for changing my reality. Thank you!

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