My name is Sean Michael Campbell. My earliest conscious memory was at the age of 2 and a half; and I remember lying in a hospital bed watching my mother and my grandmother crying ferociously because this doctor just told them that they have to give this baby boy insulin shots for the rest of his life. That he would be lucky to live till the age of 25 – I’ll be 41 next year; And that he would probably lose his legs, go blind, experience kidney failure, and heart disease.

It was a pretty traumatic moment. I remember feeling incredibly defeated, I remember feeling conquered, and I remembered feeling angry about this 3 major facets of diabetic thinking subconsciously. They also told my parents that I would also go through this stage called diabetic denial. They are programming me for the issues: defeat, control, anger, denial and immediately the addiction becomes a facet because your body becomes addicted to this foreign substance called insulin shots. And the mind does amazing things with its beliefs. I’m an incredibly angry child;Feeling completely controlled, trying to control things but then knowing that I can’t control anything thus feeding the anger and it’s just snow balling.

So the journey continuous when I am 24 yrs old, I went blind; literally within a month – completely blind. That was an eye opening experience. At age 30, the kidney failure started. By the time I was 32, they started talking about amputation. I have bleeding ulcers on my legs, open sores that never healed. When I was 34 yrs old, I remember feeling helpless to the repetitive thought on my mind, that I was a dead man walking. And my doctors were telling me that I will be starting dialysis within a month. My kidneys were shut, I was in renal failure. They figured that they would probably have to start taking parts of my feet and legs within a year. But their honest opinion was they thought I might probably be lucky if my heart made it another day. You know you have a standard cast figure in diabetic figure in glass panel and they have a heart attack risk assessment on there, 0-4 is the average range, if you’re at .7, you need medication, you need change of life. Mine was like 5.9. The prognosis is not good.

I found myself in a very interesting situation and I was incredibly defeated my whole life. This was the height of defeat for me. And I got out of the bed one morning and my wife for 13 years told me she was leaving. So I’ve manifested my worse fear was raising my children alone. She left me and my children while I was dying. And I got mad at God. I got really mad at the universe, and I said you better fix this and you better fix this now. I don’t recommend that but it worked.

I met Vianna Stibal a week later, my nephews were stating that their daughters were coming into reality and they kept telling me that you got to come see this lady, that maybe she can help you. I was like, I don’t believe in that stuff, no. I just happened to be pulled in there one day and I was just mesmerized by her (Vianna Stibal) presence.   She (Vianna) walks up to me and she puts her hand on my shoulder like what she does with many of us and the feeling that overcame me was incredible. I felt like I was hugged by every loving mother in the planet all at once. She looks at me; “honey I think your blood sugar is a bit high, about 300 you might want to go check that”. I’m just standing there blown away not realizing what happened. Then I checked my blood sugar, it was 308.

Well denial of being positive with diabetes, all of that was just luck. For the next 2 weeks I just can’t get the thought of this woman out of my mind. 24/7 I could not stop thinking about Vianna and I went back. I talked to Bobbi and say, can I see your mom to make a healing on me.  She said, comeback tomorrow at 9, she will be in – in the morning. So I, came back.  I was nervous.   So scared.  I didn’t know what to expect but I knew that when she touched me something woke inside and I want more of it.  It felt good, felt safe and it felt like love that I’ve never felt.

She comes strolling in, this lady looks exhausted to me and I’m starting to feel bad thinking that she’s too tired.   She doesn’t have to do this for me.  I’m just trying to run from the healing I just asked for.  She takes me into a room and sits me down and talks to me in a minute. S he’s kind of doing some stretches to get ready for a dance, and then she just reaches out and grabs my hands. Goes to what it sounded like a chant, and in the moment I honestly can’t remember a lot of what she said but I know the word love, forgiveness and joy were mentioned in that.  I felt this amazing energy come through me-into me. I started to tremble inside it was amazing. That went on for a minute or two and she got up, and then said – “I got to get to work honey. Enjoy your day”.  She left the room and I got up, and I could hardly stand.  It (Vianna’s use of ThetaHealing) really was an amazing experience.

By the time I got 40 feet from where I was sitting, I started to tear and that was difficult because I was taught that big boys don’t cry; Men don’t cry they don’t show their emotions but I was crying. The odd thing for me is that I felt joy – I was crying joy. By the time I got to the front door, I was just an idiot in tears, just balling – sobbing joy. It was mind blowing. Then I get my truck fired it up and get on the road, by the 8th of a mile, I pulled over. I couldn’t physically think enough to drive and I cried for 20 minutes pure joy. Thank you for that moment Vianna. It woke me up. It started my healing.  Two days later when my feet hit the ground or when I came back to Earth, I remember her telling me that, not only I could do this but anyone could if they wanted to.   I went back and just started to study ThetaHealing. I wanted to heal. I wanted to live.

I had 2 beautiful amazing daughters and I wanted to be there for them. I wanted to see them get married, graduate high school, and have children. I wanted to grow and experience life for the 1st time in my life. And so, the diabetes that was the journey and the love begun. I’ve studied Theta Healing for 7 years now and I will tell you that 95% of the diabetic side effects are gone. My feet are ticklish; with prescription, I see 20/20 vision; my kidneys were perfect – that story is going to blow your mind. In the beginning of my healing,

I am in an addictive thinking pattern. I didn’t know what else to do but I have been taught how to put this light, this love, this energy into anything and I was addicted to soda pop. It was killing my kidneys because the doctors told me so.  The only thing I could do because I am still in a state of helplessness or being the victim, is that I would bless every can of soda. I am still drinking 6 or 12 pack a day to heal my kidneys. I hadn’t done much belief work (via Thetahealing), I hadn’t had many healings, but within 3 months I had perfectly functioning kidneys. My adrenals had straightened out, and my thyroid was perfect. It was the power of belief. It wasn’t Dr. Pepper but it was our belief going in to this inanimate unhealthy substance that healed my body and I was beginning to wonder the love of God, to believe in myself and it continuous.

So, if you (thetahealing practitioners) have clients with type 1 diabetes start with defeat, control and anger is huge. Denial, feeling conquered, helplessness, and addiction those are the beliefs that I’ve cleared.  I am that close to my healing. Positive mental attitude is huge. Retrain your brain to think health, love abundance and you’ll experience that. Your thoughts are so powerful. Your mind is so brilliant and if you can think it to the point that you believe it, it will become your reality.

Everything that has happened to me is impossible and my doctors are just scratching their head. They are not ready to hear how I’ve gone to do about it but they do tell me to keep doing what I’m doing. If I can do it, you can do it. And if you can do it, you can teach your clients, your students, to do it. There were 70 people in this room, give or take, what we’re doing here now is changing the world. What happens if you teach 70, and they teach 70 and the domino continuous? We can eradicate this disease of diabetes. We can help people be free from cancer, from lupus, from anything that ails you. It’s all a result of our thinking which you realize what we were thinking. Be honest with yourself; begin to know who you are.

Live the present life. Be present in the moment. You only truly ever lived now. Does tomorrow really ever come, it does on the calendar, it does on the clock but is it not true knowing is right now?  Worrying about yesterday, freaking out about next week, it really doesn’t do you any good. It creates stress and stress can create all kinds of sickness. What time is it, it’s now. Where am I, I’m here. Who am I, I am this moment. It’s really simple because if you are really present you find the beauty that’s in your life. And if you can acknowledge and have gratitude for what you have for what’s in your immediate reality right now the universe will bless you abundance beyond your wildest dreams. Health becomes easy, money it’s just energy; how do you want to live your life?  Change of thinking.   Get (Theta Healing)DNA 3 and realize that I have plenty and believe it and you will live it and then it is easy to believe.


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