Hi! I have heard about Theta Healing 6 years ago. When I started my journey on this path, I picked up a magazine that was talking about DNA and having a nursing background, that totally resonated with me. Next step, I visited the ThetaHealing website and found out what Vianna was teaching and started my path then in Reno, Delaware.

I took one of my first classes with her and knew in that very moment that I was going to continue on this path.I am now a master and I have survived all of the classes and continue to see my own personal growth: emotionally, physically, physiologically.

I have totally recreated a different life for myself than when I came in ThetaHealing. I have also seen many clients heal from various different things.

Most recently for myself, I was able to work on some belief work around resemblant. I have been told that I had some issues with my left breast. Then I started working on some resentments and did some belief work after that I went into my primary care physician to have a mammogram and everything came back negative. Not only that I had emotional healing but physical healing as well.

I highly recommend Theta Healing – It’s so powerful, magnificent and very life changing.

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