I heard about it by actually doing a session with Theta Healer in Calgary. I was amazed in bringing of beliefs that were influencing my life and preventing me to live it in an absolutely fullest and most joyful way.

I’ve done a lot of work around belief work but there’s an ease and degrees that goes with Theta Healing. It transcends – ┬áhaving to wallow in it; having to re-live every moment of an experience or being stuck in it. It is like seeing it and understanding it.

Being guided by Theta Healers, I was able to do energy work. With that I come to learn Theta Healing at the ThetaHealing institute and have been absolutely delighted with the ability that is in us – in everyone of us; to claim the strength, to claim the power, and to claim the uniqueness. In my Belief, we all have that ability within us. By being here, by being guided, taught and sharing with the other students here – it opened the door of my own abilities.

There is a point in us, a moment in time or a realization than can happen and it can change everything around us – transform everything around us that can be shared with others. And that’s what I came for: to practice, to learn and to bring it into my life, to take it to my home and then share it with others.

– Sylvia Kp

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