My life has changed after I met Theta Healing. For me, I have been searching all my life for healing methods. For example, riverking or corsimiracles and I have been doing yoga.

When I met ThetaHealing the first time, I said: “this is the place that I like to be” and my life has changed. I’m from a small island, the Tirefeganadi Island and now I’m here in America. I’m very happy.

I know that it is challenging for me because of the language but really, I make miracles and all the people who know me wanted to go here and they say we will follow you but it is not possible to bring them all here. Vianna is really a very good connection with our Creator and we can change our life becoming very happy very amusing.

I recommend ThetaHealingto everybody who wanted to have a happy and easy life to take Theta Healing lesson. Thank you very much and have a wonderful life!

-Teodora Reyes Sierra

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