With how I met Theta Healing: Since I was a kid, I always knew that I am into healing work but didn’t actually know that it will be Theta Healing. Actually, I’ve been into massage therapy for a while and studied other healing modalities. Then one day, a friend of mine told me about Theta Healing and I was really drawn to it because she told me about having ability to change beliefs and at that time I was very interested in working with people and helping them to change their belief in order to change their behavior so that they can change their life. I haven’t really found any kind of healing modality that actually was able to address the change in those beliefs. That’s how I met ThetaHealing.

By a year after I met her, I actually did the DNA 1 & 2 training and it absolutely changed my life. I noticed so many changes in myself. Most of what I noticed was that I was able to live without anxiety and without fear. I am noticing the dramatic shift that it made in my life; I really realize that it was an amazing modality and to really help people which is what I always wanted to do.

Another thing that I really loved with this technique is that you get to work directly with God. I’ve always known in my heart that the best way to access healing is to go direct and to co-create with that Power. When I work with clients, what I really see myself doing as a healer is really helping them to reconnect to that source and finding the areas where they are disconnected then I assist them to reconnecting to that place so that they can have full and abundant love.

I’ve had clients whose lives have literally changed before my eyes in just few sessions. I’ve seen wonderful things; I had a woman came to me, I worked with her 3 weeks and at that time she was stuck with her job – she was very unhappy. She had been a musician/singer her whole life and her parents have always told her that “That’s not the kind of job, that’s not going to give you money, don’t do that, get a regular job”. She came to me and we worked pretty much just doing belief work around that and helping her know that it’s possible to follow her dreams, she’s capable of it, listen to her intuition and her whole life changed in a matter of about 3 weeks. She ended up recording a demo album, meeting her soul mate and her entire life changed.

It was an amazing testimonial for me to really see that this work can change people’s lives and that’s what I actually loved about ThetaHealing – it’s so WONDERFUL.

-Morgan Dalley

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